Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Binomial-Heap-Insert (H, x)

The above Procedure inserts a node ‘x’ in a given binomial heap, ‘H’. It uses a ‘Binomial-Heap-Union’ operation for uniting the heap H, and heap H1 which contains the node ‘x’.
Step 1 Creating an empty Binomial heap.
set H1  Create-Binomial-Heap (x)
Step 2 Initialization
set Parent [x]  Nil
set Lchild [x]  Nil
set sib [x]  Nil
set deg [x]  0
set head [H1]  x.
Step 3 Uniting H and H1 binomial heaps.
H  Binomial-Heap-Union (H, H1)

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