Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heap Binomial-Link

Binomial-Link (y, z)

The above Procedure links Bk – 1 tree rooted at ‘y’ and Bk tree rooted at ‘z’. It makes ‘z’ the parent of ‘y’. By this Procedure node ‘z’ becomes the root of a Bk tree.
Step 1 Initialization, making parent.
set Parent [y]  z
Step 2 Making sibling of y to the left-child of z.
set sib [y]  Lchild [z]
Step 3 Making ‘y’ the left child to ‘z’
set Lchild [z]  y
Step 4 Increment the degree by 1
set deg [z]  deg [z] + 1

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